By Sports Instigator, Rich Winter

     So my good buddy White Mamba and I sat down today for a quick visit about football. Coming soon is going to be our show of Tuff Talk where we talk about the things that people don't wanna talk about and the things that your networks are paid not to say.

      So, this is an inaugural version of Tuff Talk, the breaking the maiden-head voyage if you will. It was recorded on my phone (Lame), but ya gotta start somewhere.

    So, take it for what it's worth, Tuff Talk will soon rule the Instigator Nation.

Allright: Let's break down some of what you saw on the video.

Eli Manning - I have never seen a worse QB performance from an NFL starter last season. Manning had 3800 yards with 18 td's and 27 int's. Are you kidding me with 27 int's and a few fumbles giving the ball back to the defense that many times. (I wonder if any of the defensive guys looked over at Manning and said, dude, you're freaking killing us here, WTF?")

    It's not like the Giants didn't have weapons last year, but where did all the weapons go? Far, far away from Eli Manning.

   Take a look at the Giants WR roster.

13 Odell Beckham Jr. 21 5'11" 198 Nov 5, 1992 R LSU Career
80 Victor Cruz 27 6'0" 204 Nov 11, 1986 5 Massachusetts Career
18 Marcus Harris 25 6'1" 189 Mar 1, 1989 1 Murray State Career
88 Travis Harvey 24 6'2" 188 May 18, 1990 1 Florida A&M Career
15 Trindon Holliday 28 5'5" 170 Apr 27, 1986 5 LSU Career
12 Jerrel Jernigan 25 5'8" 189 Jun 14, 1989 4 Troy Career
86 Mario Manningham 28 6'0" 185 May 25, 1986 7 Michigan Career
83 Preston Parker 27 6'0" 200 Feb 13, 1987 3 North Alabama Career
82 Rueben Randle 23 6'2" 208 May 7, 1991 3 LSU Career
19 Julian Talley 25 6'1" 192 Jun 9, 1989 2 Massachusetts Career
6 Corey Washington 22 6'4" 214 Dec 29, 1991 R Newberry Career

   Victor Cruz and who?

   Wow, please don't give me any hype about the Giants winning the Super Bowl or Eli Manning being great cuz I ain't buying.

   I've been pretty hard on the New York Jets fans this off-season and some might dispute my football knowledge, but I just looked at the opening weeks schedule and dayum if the New York Jets aren't hosting the Raiders.

      I'm telling ya right now Jets fans, the Raiders are walking in there and kicking your butt. Now, I know Jets fans, that's laughable right, but your problem is the NFL Network has shown you too many Jets and Patriots highlights for you to have enough clear-thinking capacity to see beyond St. Louis.

     Hello, a bunch of teams out west play some great football.

     What you failed to notice is the Raiders have had two great draft years and they did so well in free-agency I'm genuinely excited for the start of the season and the whooping the Raiders are gonna lay on the Jets.

     East Coast Bias: I touched on that just a little bit and I think White Mamba did a great job of explaining how a company that is based out of L.A. (Not Lake Andes, South Dakota people), is constantly showing Jets and Patriots highlights.

     If Tom Brady gets a hang nail, chances are the NFL Network is going to break in with a live feed.

     Look at the recent rankings of top NFL teams: OMG, the bias that exists out there from east coast folks.

    Listen, I don't blame ya Jets fans, those Monday night games start late so I understand how about half of the NFL and the transactions that transpire east of the Mississippi evade you, but there is some hella good football being played out in the midwest and the west.

       NFC West is going to be stellar but at least let's throw some divisions in there that are close.

    NFC North is gonna be a beast this year as the Lions, Bears and Packers are gonna be really good.

    AFC West: Denver, San Diego should have been 12-4 last season (thanks refs) and the Chiefs were right there and the Raiders are vastly improved.

     This is Tuff Talk, tell us what you think, but don't be biased..(Wink)!

     Notes: White Mamba not completely on board with my Raiders over Jets picks

Warning: (Small children and pregnant women who have chronic halitosis should not read or watch TUFF Talk.)