By Rich Winter

     News from FIFA today that Uruguay soccer star, Luis Suarez, has been banned for nine international matches and from all soccer activities for four months.

     On top of that, the Uruguay star got fined $11-thousand U.S. dollars.

     Big deal!

     With video evidence supporting all three biting incidents during his soccer career, you would think FIFA would put some teeth into a suspension.

     An 11-thousand dollar fine for a player of Suarez's talent is a drop in the bucket, it's nothing.

     Missing nine international matches, well good, he'll go miss a couple of friendly's and be right back in there should he still be competing four years from now.

    I'm not sure how FIFA handles drug suspensions and other violations, but when you have a man who bit another player during the height of the World Cup, FIFA had a chance to make a real statement and they didn't.

     Four months off from soccer, Neat! I'm sure Suarez will treat it as a nice long vacation.

     So, people with anger problems just get a slap on the wrist, I guess.

    There had been some mention of a lifetime ban and while I think that' a little long, a year or an 18-month suspension, with a clause that says if he bites someone again he's done would have been more relevant. 

     Take track and field for instance. Take a banned substance, inhaler or otherwise, and you get a multiple-year ban with earning power cut off.

     Soccer had a real chance to send a message, and they didn't.

    From the Suarez camp, I"m a little dissapointed.

    Suarez was asked about the incident the other day and all he said was, "I got elbowed in the face and these things happen in the box."


    I'd feel a bit more comfortable if he at least acknowledged what he did.

    And I'd probably be a little more forgiving if he openly came out and apologized to his teammates and his country for letting them down during the biggest tournament in the world.

   Shame on you Suarez!