By Rich Winter

     I posted a blog this morning in my other website, about where to take Matthew Stafford in your upcoming Fantasy Football draft.

     Check it out if ya get a minute -

    At any rate, some twitter conversation broke out between myself and a couple of other Fantasy Football nuts and the I asked them what the effect of the new talent acquired by the Detroit Lions would have on Calvin Johnson as the No. 1 WR in Fantasy Football.

    None! No difference! Were the two replies that came back to me.

    What, are you kidding me?

    So, right out of the gate, the Lions drafted tight end Eric Ebron from the University of North Carolina with the 10th pick in the first round. Ya don't spend a No. 10 pick on a tight end unless you plan to use him.

  Brandon Pettigrew had 41 catches for 416 yards and two scores, but he's primarily a blocking tight end.

    I expect Stafford to find ways to get the ball to his new weapons and Ebron could have 50 catches for 600 yards.

   And then you add in off-season acquisition of Golden Tate who had 898 yards and 5 scores in a Seahawks offense that is pretty pedestrian in the passing game.

   I'm guessing Tate gets 1000 yards and 8-9 TD's with a big armed Matt Stafford tossing the ball to him.

    The Lions are famous for dumping the ball off to those talented backs.

    Joique Bell - 53 catches 547 yards.

    Reggie Bush - 54 catches 506 yards.

    I guess what I'm saying by all of this is how can you expect Calvin Johnson to have the same kind of offensive output when you've added two pretty big weapons.

   Calvin was great last season with the 1492 yards and 12 scored, but if you'll recall, he finished the year with 52, 98 and 43 yards in his last three games, all losses.

    He's defensible as evidenced by a 3 catch, 25 yard performance at Cleveland last season.

    Now, don't get me wrong, Megatron will still be right up there with the game's best, but I have him off the board as my No. 4 widout.

    Don't get caught simply looking at the stats.

    The Lions are going to try to use Tate as an effective second receiver and if you have a balls-out tight end like they do in Ebron, they are going to use him.

   For me, that means his throws to, catches, yards and td's all take a hit.

   Sports Instigator predictions: 80 catches, 1150 yards and ten td's....

   There are guys that will kill that!

   Sports Instigator out,

   Have a great Fantasy Friday all.

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