By Rich Winter

     Ya know, I've never been entirely comfortable with Marvin Harrison not telling us exactly what happened with the murder of Dwight Dixon in 2009.

     Police believed that Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison had something to do with that murder, but they could never solve the case which remains unsolved to this day.

     So, on June 14, 2014, Harrison was steering his pickup truck through Wynnefield Heights at approximately 3:20 a.m. when he was flagged down by a 38-year old man who had just run out of an apartment where he tried to flag Harrison down. 

     The panicked guy that was wearing only boxers said he was fleeing intruders that had broken into his apartment and he begged Harrison, 41, to call 911. 

    Harison allowed him to climb into the bed of his pickup. 

   According to sources outside, the burglars ran outside and pulled out a gun and fired twice in the direction of the truck. 

     Neither Harrison nor the man he was trying to help were injured, but one of the bullets apparently ripped through a tire on Harrison's truck, later resulting in a flat tire, according the sources. Harrison was interviewed by investigators and agreed to give police the tire that was struck by the bullet.

According to the report, the victim told police that the burglars stole about $500 in cash from his apartment.

     Okay Mr. Harrison, you have some explaining to do!

    What exactly happened with the murder in 2009?

     What 41 year old man is cruising around at 3:20 a.m. just out and about?

     Why did you only let a half-crazed man into the box of your pickup truck and not into the actual car while he was screaming his head off for help?

     I'm not sure what is going on here!

    Harrison seems like such a quiet demure guy but he keeps showing up in some really questionable situations.

      You're not up at 3:20 in the morning unless you're UP because you took something that might keep you up.

     Something doesn't add up here Mr. Harrison and I for one believe it's time you come clean before the Hall of Fame comes calling.