By Rich Winter

     Jay Cutler is one of those guys that I normally don't touch with a ten foot pole.

      He's got a bad body language about him, he usually tosses too many interceptions and sometimes the talent around him in a run oriented Bears scheme just drives me up the wall.

     I've never had Culter in a Fantasy Football League, our draft order, selection special is on Aug. 2, (the night we find out the order we're drafting) and given the right set of circumstances, I might be hitching my wagon to a guy that I think is poised to be electric this season.

What do the Stats tell us?

2013 - 11 games, 2,621 yards (63 percent completion percentage), 19 t'ds, 12 int's

Projected through 16 games - 3812 yards, 27 td's.

Now, keep in mind that Cutler had limited production in a few of those games because of that groin injury. He missed part of those games, so even the projected stats are a bit misleading.

The Talent on this roster:

     I love Brandon Marshall and I think he's poised for a big year. Alshon Jeffrey went nuts last year, and while I think he'll come back to earth a bit this season, I think both of those guys go over 1000 yards.

    Forte is an elite receiving back out of the backfield and I thought Martellus Bennett showed signs of being a capable tight end.

The Bears defense is bad:

    From a fantasy perspective, sometimes when your defense is bad, you end up throwing a lot. A few years back I won a fantasy league with Matt Schaub because they were always behind. I see the Bears having a good season, but I also see them having to score some points in a hurry and Cutler having to throw a lot in the second half.

    With that defense and those weapons, I'm calling for a big year.

Jay Cutler: 4600 yards, 32 td's, 14 int's (It is Cutler)

If he puts up those kinds of numbers he'll be close to the No. 4-No. 6 guys.

And right now, the experts have him going off the board at No. 11 - No. 15.

   Choose wisely, says Rich Winter

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