By Rich Winter

     I was peeking in on the NFL Network this morning and was not shocked the first place the NFL visited was New England Patriots training camp.

    Of course!

     However, I did glean a little tidbit of information that I think is exceptionally interesting.

    The report told me that defensive end, Chandler Jones is expected to have another big year on the edge after recording 11.5 sacks last season.

    My first thought was who? So, I did a little digging and it looks like this Jones guy could have monster impact for Fantasy Football owners and for the Patriots as a whole. 

    The intangibles: 

Chandler Jones   #95 DE. New England Patriots

Height: 6-5   Weight: 265   Age: 24

Born: 2/27/1990 Rochester , NY

College: Syracuse

Experience: 3rd season

High School: Union-Endicott HS [NY]

    This man is just 24 years old and coming from Syracuse, that doesn't play elite football like they used to, I'm guessing he's just now coming into the wheelhouse of his pass rushing abilities.

    Not only is he a great pass-rusher but this guy is a natural run stopper and a gigantic contributor to what the Patriots are trying to do defensively.

    Chandler Jones stats: 

2012 - 45 total tackles, 6 sacks.

2013 - 79 total tackles, 11.5 sacks. 

   When you start looking at 79 tackles and 11.5 stats that puts you in some pretty elite DE territory. 

2013 NFL sacks leaders:

1. Robert Mathis - 19.5

2. Robert Quinn - 19

3. Greg Hardy - 15

4. Mario Williams - 13

5. Cameron Jones - 12.5

6. Junior Galette - 12

7. Chandler Jones - 11.5 (tied with three others)

Reasons to think Chandler Jones will be better this season:


     The addition of Vince Woolfork in the middle for the Patriots means a couple of things.

    Woolfork attracts double-teams and occupies bodies. I believe that Willfork will allow Jones a little more freedom on the outside since defenses can't always have the options of containing Jones when they have Willfork to worry about.

      The addition of Darrelle Revis at corner also frees up Jones from a schematic point of view. With Revis able to contain by himself, Jones doesn't have to think drop back into pass coverage or contain run so much and rather can focus on getting up-field and destroying QB's and the other team's offense. 

Fantasy outlook: I'm not sure than anyone ever really thinks of adding the Patriots defense to their Fantasy Squad.

     If ever there was a year, this is the year.

    Adding Revis will add interceptions. Adding Wilfork will disrupt the other team's offense, create turnovers and stuff the run. Continued development of Jones into elite sack-man status means the Patriots will have an advantage in the turnover differential.

    I like that.

Rich Winter, Chandler Jones predictions: 90 tackles, 15.5 sacks....That is getting it done!