By Rich Winter

       The first time I hear a commentator during the NFL season throw out the "Norv Turner is one of the greatest play-callers in NFL history" comment, I'm seriously going to throw the remote at the television.

       No he's not!

       If you need further proof, how can he be let go by the Cleveland Browns after one season? If he's such a great play caller, don't ya think the Browns would have been begging him to stay?

     And so he's moved on to Minnesota who has a debacle at QB anyway, so I'm saying good luck Vikings, and you better have plenty of optimism early, because these Vikings are nowhere near in contention for a division title and or the playoffs.

      If you're still thinking that Norv Turner is a great play-caller from his success with the Cowboys then you really need to pull  your head out of the sand and look a little deeper.

    The Cowboys had Emmit Smith and a hall of fame everything in front of him. When you have hall of fame offensive lineman paving the way with an Aikmen directing the offense, a ten-year old could call the plays and likely be successful.

      For those of you that are paying attention, Norv hasn't done that well the last 20 years.

    His record as a head coach is 114-122. Yep, hall of fame stuff...NOT!

    Seven years with the Redskins - 49-59

    Raiders two years - 9-23 - Thanks Norv. 

   While his record with the Chargers was above .500, he was handed a team with loads of talent that just kept getting worse.

    I watched those Chargers quite a bit over the years and I gotta say, Norv Turner is the most unimaginative play caller in the history of the NFL.

    Draw left, run middle, pass - Punt!

   Draw right, draw left, pass - Punt!

   Those were some great Charger teams that Norv Turner ran into the ground. 

   Now, I know the Vikings have all world running back Adrian Peterson. The difference between these Vikings and the Cowboys of old is the Vikings offensive line is not loaded with hall of famers.

     Add to that mix the uncertainly at QB for the Vikings and I think the Vikings could be headed for 5-11 or 6-10.

   We've seen what Matt Cassel can do and we know what Christian Ponder can't do. Teddy Bridgewater is a rookie and I just don't see a lot of big plays coming from this Vikings squad.

     I'm telling ya Vikings fans, when you see the first reverse of the season in week No. 9, fall outa your chair and be happy that Norv dialed up something different.

   How this guy continues to get a job in the NFL is beyond me.

   He didn't last in Cleveland, and why would he, he's a great offensive play caller when he's got 4000 lbs of beef and a hall of fame running back to dial up plays for!

    I say Adrian Peterson gets fed up with Minnesota after about six games and demands a trade.