By Rich Winter

        I seriously wonder what some of these, 'fantasy football experts' are smoking for breakfast sometimes.

       I use for my fantasy football league so I usually check in to see what Dave Richard and Jeremy Eisenberg have to say.     

      I seriously lOL'd to my 5's of 10's of fans today when I saw Eisenberg had Philip Rivers ranked as the No. 17 Fantasy Football player in all of America.

      Do you not watch football?

      Alright, so I'm an AFC West guy and my buddy, White Mamba, just loves the Chargers. So, I've seen my fair-share of Philip Rivers and I gotta say, the man hit his prime last season and really took over as a leader of that team.

    The 2013 stats are undisputable.

16 games, 4478 yards with 32 td's and 11 int's.

    QB rankings from 2013

    TD passes - Philip Rivers - No.4 with 32

    yards passing - No. 5 with 4478

    (I'm not sure how other people score their leagues but I'm sorry, ranking Rivers as the No. 17 QB is just laughable. I shouldn't be surprised though, Eisenberg has Andy Dalton ranked at No. 18)

What the experts are saying: 

CBS - Jeremy Eisenberg - No. 17

CBS - Dave Richard - No. 12

Yahoo - No. 14

ESPN - No. 13

Fox - No. 14

Rich Winter - No. 6

      I just don't understand what all of these major fantasy players are looking at.

     Did they think P. Rivers had a one-hit wonder kind of year?

    Look what the man has been doing for the last six years

2013 - 4478 yards and 32 td's

2012 - 3606 yards and 26 td's (blame the yards on Norv Turner)

2011 - 4624 yards and 27 td's

2010 - 4710 yards and 30 td's

2009 - 4254 and 28 td's

2008 - 4,009 yards and 30 td's.

    Philip Rivers has been remarkable consistent since 2008 and to rank a bunch of young guns in front of him is just ludicrous.

     The Chargers have two great tight ends in Antonio Gates and Ladarius Green.

     The Chargers have an emerging start at WR in Keenan Allen and they have one of the best 3rd-down backs in football in Danny Woodhead who led the team with 76 catches for 600 plus yards.

      For most of you, I know your mind is already made up.

     For a lot of you, if you're not in a Charger loving league, wait until the 10th round to grab P. Riv, you will be glad you did.