By Rich Winter

       News from the Ultah Jazz today almost made me fall out of my writing chair to laugh out loud.

      Apparently the Jazz made an offer to the Cleveland Cavaliers to try to pry that No. 1 pick away from the Cavs with the intention of drafting Kansas guard Andrew Wiggins. 

(Excert from a story in today's Deseret News)

      The Jazz are reportedly offering to trade center Derrick Favors, their No. 5 pick and either the No. 23 selection and/or shooting guard Alec Burks to the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to sports radio talk show host Spencer Checketts of 1280 The Zone.

     The Cavaliers countered the Jazz's initial offering of Favors and the No. 5 selection by asking for a future unprotected first-round pick from Utah, according to Checketts. In turn, Utah would receive the top pick, with the intention of drafting Kansas star Andrew Wiggins, and veteran guard Jarrett Jack.

Some interesting thoughts:

     1.  I'm not exactly what the Jazz are trying to do here. Maybe they are trying to announce that they are some kind of player in the upcoming free-agency period.

      I guess they didn't learn a lesson from the Deron Williams situation where a young, emerging superstar wasn't content for the calm peaceful life of Salt Lake City.

    How long do you think Andrew Wiggins would be content to lose in Utah? Probably about as long as his rookie contract extends. 

2. Why would you offer up Derrick Favors who you just signed to a decently long deal? The Jazz just signed Favors to a four-year, $49-million dollar contract and now they are dangling him for an unproven rookie...I just don't get it. 

Favors numbers - 13.3 points per game and 8.7 rebounds per contest.

Alec Burks - 14 points per game

      Utah holds the No. 5 the No. 23 and I believe the No. 35 pick in this year's draft. 

     Listen, while the move appears bold for the Jazz to go after a guy like Wiggins, the Jazz need to look at the young pieces they have and build around that.

     Why would Utah want to get younger when they're young guys are just starting to get some chemistry and maturity about them?

     Utah has some nice pieces but they looked in the draft crystal ball and tried to trade away two of those solid pieces.

      Utah is not an attractive destination for big-time free agents. Can you imagine the chortle of laughter LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony would offer if they're agents called and asked them about going to Utah.

    Not in this lifetime!

     In my opinion, the Utah Jazz are a farm-program for the rest of the NBA. They build through the draft and by getting pieces that ultimately can mesh together. They got lucky with Stockton and Malone and from where I stand the best thing Utah can do is to take that No. 5 pick and maybe try to package No. 23 and No. 35 to get another solid player in one of the deepest NBA drafts in recent memory.

    C'mon Utah, take the milk goggles off and get real.